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Grant Making

Crystal Springs Foundation is a private foundation that contributes approximately $25,000 annually through grants to nonprofit organizations around the Arriba, Flagler and Seibert communities. 

General Grant
Appy Now

General Grant Information

Am I Eligible? 

How to Apply 

Your organization is eligible to apply for a grant from Crystal Springs Foundation if:


  • Public charities such as 501(c)(3)


  • Schools

  • Government entities

  • Religious organizations

  • Other non-profits who demonstrate that      the monies being donated will go to an    activity that is for a charitable

         cause or a greater public purpose

You can apply for a grant online, in person, or by mail. Be sure to have: 


Tax Identification Number (if applicable)

Evidence of Tax Status

Fill out the application below or click here to download the PDF version:


Grant Application 

Is your organization:

*Please provide evidence of your tax status with your application.

Please describe your organization. Include, as applicable, the organization's mission, the needs or problems your organization addresses, it's principal programs and recent accomplishments:

Grant Request:

Please describe the purpose of this request and how the funds will be used. Be specific as to the purpose of the project to be funded, the problems or needs this project will address, and how the project will service the Flagler and/or surrounding communities. 

Please describe how this project is to be funded. Include other sources of funding, including in-kind contributions. You may attach additional documents if necessary. 

Submit your application by March 30th to Crystal Springs Foundation by clicking the "Submit" button below. Applications will be reviewed in April. Your can expect a response from the Foundation around April 30th. 

Crystal Springs Foundation is a private foundation that accepts funding requests from 501(c)(3) organizations, government entities and schools that serve Flagler and the surrounding area in the areas of arts and culture, civic and community initiatives, education, health, and human services. Grant dollars will be required to be used within one year of the distribution of grant funds or offer of matching funds.

Crystal Springs Foundation is subject to IRS rules and regulations that dictate certain recordkeeping requirements. Submitting a request indicates the organization agrees to comply with all IRS regulations and requests for information from the Foundation. Any organization that receives grant money from CSF and does not comply with IRS expenditure responsibility requirements or other requirements and requests will be required to return any fund received.


*A request from a non 501(c)(3) charitable organization will be considered, however these requests will require more extensive recordkeeping as well as a written commitment from the grantee that complies with IRS expenditure responsibility requirements. 


Thanks for Submitting!

"What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?"

George Eliot

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