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Our History


The Creightons

Alex and Lila Creighton had a heart for enhancing the communities in which they lived. Through a successful career and a giving heart they were able to establish a thriving foundation for years to come. 56 years later, their vision of  "Partnering to Better Our Communities" still lives on. 

History of
Crystal Springs Foundation


It all started in 1964 when Alex and Lila Creighton gifted 195 acres from their Crystal Springs Ranch to the Crystal Springs Foundation.  The board of directors, David Rowden, Thomas Creighton and Robert Creighton, sold the land to the state of Colorado for $12,200.  The state turned it into a recreational site for boating, fishing and camping that is known today as the Flagler State Wildlife Area.

For 56 years the Foundation has supported the projects and programs that Flagler and the surrounding communities have felt were important.

The Foundation helped to fund the procurement, building and maintaining of a grocery store in Seibert. When the town of Seibert asked for help to purchase skates and knee pads for the refurbished community skating rink, the Foundation willingly provided funds.  Hi-Plains School has received funding for several projects over the years and most recently received a contribution for improved stage lighting.

The Northeast Lincoln County Fire Protection District in Arriba has been a recipient of funds to purchase upgraded equipment and pay for training.  The Foundation helped with improvements to the Arriba Town Park and assisted the Bethel Church of the Brethren in their project to add a community building.

In Flagler, the medical clinic, ambulance service, fire department and senior center have all received significant contributions from the Foundation.  Other entities to benefit include the American Legion, the Flagler Historical Society, Flagler Theatre, Mossland Memorial Golf Course and the Wheatland Conference Center.

The Foundation has taken a keen interest in the Flagler Library, community education programs, summer recreational programs, new playground equipment, and partnering with the Arriba-Flagler School to improve the school’s access to current technology. 

Over the years the needs of the local communities have evolved, but the Foundation's mission continues to remain the same: “Partnering to Better our Communities.”

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