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Board of Directors

Originally founded by the Creighton family, Crystal Springs Foundation was reorganized 15 years ago to be administered by a board or directors. This all volunteer board has a heart for Flagler and it's surrounding communities. 




Gary joined CSF 13 years ago bringing a fierce passion for bettering the local communities in which he was born and raised. Gary is semi-retired allowing for extra devoted time to give back to the Foundation. Gary has a strong vision for the Foundation and the work that it continues to do. 




Leigh Anna, born and raised on a farm near Arriba, CO, knows first hand the importance of rural living and planting the seeds in order to reap the harvest. Leigh Anna has provided exceptional service at the local bank with a genuine and friendly smile for over 15+ years. Leigh Anna brings her knowledge of rural communities and banking which are both critical components of CSF. 

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Angie Elrick


Angie has served on the board since 2005. Angie understands the importance of being trustworthy and detailed oriented as she has been and continues to be the CFO for multiple companies in the community for 30+ years. Angie's keen eye for numbers is a invaluable resource to the financial side of the Foundation. 

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Tom has a passion for keeping small towns alive and thriving! Tom is always looking for opportunities to grow and sustain the local businesses. As the local newspaper owner/operator and Flagler Town Mayor for numerous years, Tom has the inside scoop on situations that may be in need of assistance. Tom is a true entrepreneur which adds great insight and knowledge to CSF. 




Christie married Alec Creighton, a grandson of Alex and Lila Creighton, and they moved to Flagler shortly thereafter. Christie practiced law with Alec's uncle until her oldest son was born. Although no longer living in Flagler, Christie has strong ties to the community and continues to live and work in eastern Colorado. She is passionate about doing the things that make small towns thrive.

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Second generation board member, Brian has a desire to continue building a sustainable future and improving the existing structures within the communities. Brian knows the importance of a strong foundation as he owns and operates his own constructions business and has been the local hardware store manager for 20+ years.  

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